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The reason for my blog is that Colin had Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma (secondary kidney cancer). In addition to this, his eldest brother David died in April 2008, 5 weeks after being diagnosed with Laryngeal Cancer and his elder sister Sue was diagnosed with Lobular Breast Cancer in March 2009. All that said, I am still smiling and trying to be up beat about everything because if I wasn’t I don’t think I would cope as well as I have so far. Sadly Colin passed away on 23rd Dec 2009.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Treatment day has arrived - Part 2

Finally left home at 6.30am (I was ready at 6am). The journey on M5 & M6 was fine, no hold ups going north, I'm very glad we weren't going south though. Got to the M56 at about 8am and that's where we hit the traffic, it took us 45mins from there to get to Christie's. This time we actually found one of the patient/visitor car parks with spaces so parked up and paid the £2.50 for up to 8 hours parking (not bad for an NHS car park).

We then went to find the Day Ward, where Colin had his PICC line ((Peripherally Inserted Central venous Catheter) in plain english the tube they use to administer the drugs) inserted and an X-ray to make sure it was in the right place.
This was all done by 11am, then we were informed they were just waiting for a bed for Colin. After an hour of waiting they said we could go and get some lunch and they would ring us when they had a bed available.

We went for a walk and found a Subway, so had lunch there then walked back to the hospital, sat in the garden there for a while in the lovely sunshine. Still no bed so decided to go to the car and have a nap (5am start remember).

At about 4.30pm Colin went back to the hospital to see if there was any news on a bed and was told there would be one available at about 5.30pm, so we did a quick shopping trip to Sainsbury's to get squash etc. and then went up to the ward and his room still wasn't ready. He eventually got into his room at 6.10pm, just in time for tea.
I left at 7pm and did the lovely 2 hour drive back home.

If anyone wants to send him an e-greeting here is a link:
He is on Ward 11.

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  1. I get my PICC line a day after tomorrow.

    Hope the treatment goes well.